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    “I was referred to Dr Luedke by another Orthopedic surgeon when it was determined that I needed hip surgery. The other surgeon informed me that he could perform the surgery but Dr Luedke is the best when it comes to hip arthroscopic surgery and recommended I meet with him.

    My first appointment with Dr Luedke left a lasting impression with me. He came in the room and we started talking about my symptoms and what I had done up until that point for testing, pain, etc. During that discussion, Dr Luedke told me that he had studied my MRI and previous records the night before and told me what his concerns were and his recommendations moving forward. I’ve never been to a Doctor before that looked at my tests prior to my appointment and this was what impressed me from my very first appointment.

    Dr Luedke is very thorough and most importantly caring. When he walks in the room, he talks with you and gets to know you as a patient and gets to know your family. He truly cares for his patients and is one of the best, if not the best!”